Did you pack for birth?

Did you pack for birth?

Around 25 weeks everyone is still asking "Did you pack?" Instead of searching through dozens of printables on what to pack in your hospital bag, just take a deep breath and let me help you!

First of all, you need to pack things for your husband or who ever helps you. For example, snacks and water. Let him have his wallet with all the IDs and stuff.

Now with the good stuff:

        Comfortable clothes. You will need it before and after delivery.
        Clothing delivery. You do not have to wear the gown provided by the hospital. You can bring your own. So opt for a comfortable and functional one. You might consider one where you can actually get access to a nurse/pump. Pack an extra to use after the brite. Trust me, childbirth can be tricky.
       The most important. Toothbrush, hairbrush, lip balm (lips can dry out in hospital air or become dehydrated). Bonus Tip: Comb your hair, nails, or put on a little makeup. Believe me, it may take time until you have a "me time".
        Small travel bag. You can use this to put your own shampoo, conditioner, soap and much more. Please note that some hospitals have toiletries, so don't worry about this.
    Bonus tip: Call your hospital and ask what items they will provide you.

Some hospitals provide much of what you need, but here's what I recommend you have:

-An inverted peri bottle to clean "down there" and after using the bathroom (because even soft toilet paper will feel too rough for your comfort).

-Ice pads for your vagina due to pain, swelling and blood absorption.

-Healing products for the perineum

-Disposable underwear (the more elastic, the better). This will help support all recovery layers.

-Clothes for postpartum. This will help prevent abdominal muscle relaxation and visceral ptosis. It will also help with uterine contractions and recovery correction.

-Nursing/pumping bra

-Breast protectors

-Incontinence pads for women. Preferably overnight.

-Diffuser with essential oils

- Nursing pillow

-Breast pump (just in case). Remember that your insurance may cover one


-Water bottles

-Meal preparation. Believe me, no one has time to cook.


That's the list. Honestly, that's all you need. Remember to have a supportive family. You will do great!


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